Are Vig-Rx-Plus ingredients any good? Find out now

buy vig-rx plus The Vig-Rx-Plus formula has been made to give you maximum benefits. They include some powerful aphrodisiac herbal concentrates from China, Europe and South America that are long known to be able to boost a man's sexual prowess.

And with the addition of a new ingredient, Bioperine® , the Vig-Rx-Plus pills are even more potent and effective now. When you consume them, you can expect to get even harder erections, better sex stamina, more intense orgasms, etc. These are not just claims but scientifically proven and tested facts, read more on

So Vig-Rx-Plus pill is our ideal solution for you if you want to perform better in bed.

What are the ingredients in the Vig-Rx-Plus ?


Bioperine® is a herb that is clinically proven to increase the absorption rates of herbal supplements . In other words, Bioperine® makes herbal supplements work better and more effectively. With this new ingredient, you can be sure that Vig-Rx-Plus is even more potent.


Epimedium is also known as "Horny Goat Weed". This ingredient in Vig-Rx-Plus is used to increase erectile function and to allow more blood to flow to the penis. Used for centuries in China, "Horny Goat Weed" is now also used by western doctors to help boost libido, improve erectile function, restore sexual power and increase penile sensation in men .


Muira Pauma is another herb that is used to restore sexual virility and to increase libido and potency in men. Recent clinical studies show that it works on enhancing both psychological and physical aspects of sexual function.


The Catuaba Bark Extract is perhaps the most famous of all the Brazilian aphrodisiac plants. This herb can dilate blood vessels and has antiviral and antibacterial properties, it . Catuaba functions as a stimulant of the nervous system and also help address functional impotence of the male genital organ.


Cuscuta seed is primarily used to increase semen and sperm output. Also known as Semen Cuscutae, it has been shown to increase live sperm and sperm by more than 70% in a recent study. This herb can also treat premature ejaculation, leukorrhea as well as aching lower back.


Damiana is an aphrodisiac used in Central and South America for centuries, dating back to the time of the Mayans. It is a proven way to increase a man's sexual stamina, boost erectile hardness and improve the intensity of orgasms. With this powerful ingredient in Vig-Rx-Plus pill, you are sure to enjoy even better sexual prowess.


Tribulus Terrestris is another important Vigrx plus ingredient used to treat sexual dysfunction and increase libido in men. Used for thousands of years in Europe, this herb has no negative side effects. It is effective in improving erectile function and increasing the level of testosterone in the male body.


Saw Palmetto berries are strong sexual stimulants and aphrodisiacs. It is effective in treating symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia (prostate problems). Saw Palmetto may be beneficial for both sexes in balancing the hormones. This herb can aid the thyroid in regulating sexual development and normalizing activity of those glands and organs.


Hawthorn is rich in bioflavonoids, which relax and dilate the arteries and give strength to the walls of blood vessels. It also improves blood flow to other areas of the body. Hawthorn have also been shown to lower cholesterol and reduce the amount of plaque in arteries.


Ginkgo is good for mental alertness, enhanced vitality level, circulatory health and blood vessel health. Gingko Biloba can also increases vascular blood flow which will lead to improved erections. This plant extract can improve peripheral circulation, oxygenation, and increases blood flow to the genitals to improve sexual function and the power of an erection.


Ginseng has aphrodisiacal powers and can be an effective alternative for treating male erectile dysfunction. Russian scientists have found that Ginseng stimulates both physical and mental activity, enhances athletic performance and has a positive effect on the sex glands. Ginseng can be used to treat some types of impotence and premature ejaculation.

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